Cloud Ace, Inc. Achieves the Work Transformation Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Cloud Ace, Inc. today announced that it has achieved the Work Transformation Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. By earning the Partner Specialization, Cloud Ace, Inc. has proven their expertise and success in building customer solutions in the Work Transformation field using Google Cloud technology.

Specializations in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program are designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solutions and service areas.

Prior to the achievement of the ‘Work Transformation’ Specialization, Cloud Ace possessed already 8 different Google Cloud Partner Specializations. The group’s achievement of the new additional Partner Specialization is the result of a strong track record that Yoshidumi Information, Inc and 5 branches in Asia built up.

Yoshidumi Information’s president Harumichi Akita stated the following:
“I feel deeply honored by the fact that the integration track record we build through daily hard work is being recognized and awarded with one of the first ‘Work Transformation’ Partner Specializations in Japan. As the recent Covid-19 situation greatly increases the importance of remote work, we are contributing to improve productivity by promoting and supporting the integration of G Suite and will continue to do so.”

The company president of Cloud Ace, Makoto Aoki, stated the following:
“I feel grateful and delighted having our domestic and international integration track record recognized as the Partner Specialization we received is in a field that is a global challenge. As remote work is greatly expanding due to the recent Covid-19 situation, work style reforms become an absolute necessity as it is the only way to continue and expand business in the age of Covid-19. This is not only restricted to remote work but also work transformation solutions that enable company internal and external collaboration as G Suite and Google Cloud provide and we want to focus even more on helping companies integrate these solutions.”

In the current times as the whole society is experiencing a work style reform, Cloud Ace sees this more than ever as an opportunity to develop and provide services that lead to realizing new work style reforms.

Cloud Ace Vietnam contributed to the achievement of the Specialization and the director, Pham Van Tuyen stated the following:
Being certified as a “Work Transformation Specialization Partner” is a great thing. Today, when the digital transformation wave is spreading around the world, especially in the COVID phase, companies are facing challenges of optimizing performance and enhancing collaboration both inside and outside the company. Present in six countries in Asia including Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, we hope to continue to bring the best work transformation solutions on Google Cloud’s platform, to help businesses succeed in the digital transformation.

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